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How To Get Started:
You may already be convinced that we offer the best racing around and are ready to acquire a racing Kart and join us. If so, feel free to jump further down this section to the listing of local dealers and start your search for your first Kart. However, if you have not yet decided, we offer a great way for you to experience karting. Come visit us during one of our ARRIVE & DRIVE days as listed on the race schedule section of this web site. This day offers a block of time in which you can experience the thrill of taking a kart onto the track for a very modest fee. It is a low cost way for you to sample the excitement of Karting. Then we invite you to stick around for the racing action that follows at the conclusion of the Arrive and Drive program.

Once you are ready to join the club and begin kart racing, it is as simple as picking a class from the existing structure, deciding on either a 2-cycle or 4-cycle engine, and contacting a local dealer, or club representative who can help you answer questions. Many classes are defined by age and thus easily help you identify the place to start.







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