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Established in 1960 the Mid-State Kart Club is a non-profit racing organization existing to promote the sport of Kart racing. Located just outside of Springfield, Illinois on Mechanicsburg Road, Mid-State has a long and rich history of racing. Several generations have enjoyed participating in our relaxed family atmosphere, which offers affordable and local racing to the general public.

Karting, as it's commonly called, offers the opportunity to experience, learn, and enjoy the art of racing at reduced costs compared to other forms of racing. This type of competition is open to everyone! Boys, girls, men, and women alike. In fact, while it varies from year to year, girls typically consist of 15 to 20% of our entries! With ages beginning at 5 and reaching into their 50's, there truly is a class for everyone.

The art of driving, the challenge of chassis setup and the ability to adapt to changing conditions and competition are awaiting you in Karting. The thrill of making your first pass is something you will remember for life! While Karts share some characteristics with larger cars, their light weight, lack of suspension and direct steering result in a machine that is exciting and challenging to drive. Many of the techniques you will learn are exclusive to Karting.

As mentioned above, affordable racing is a focus for us. Manageable racing costs begin with a local track which minimizes travel time and expense. While not uncommon to see large trailers at many of our events, it is very possible to load a Kart into the back of your SUV, or pickup truck. Standardized rules for engines, the ability to use pump gasoline in some classes, and harder compound tires help extend their useful life and lower your yearly operational costs. Also, a membership with Mid-State Kart Club provides reduced practice and racing fees. With your membership, practice day fees are just $15. Imagine, an entire day of practice for just 15 bucks. Also, race day fees are reduced. A single class entry fee is just $25 plus $10 for a single pit pass.

Another benefit to our program is a limited racing schedule offering balance between racing and family life. Our racing program consists of 10 club race days plus additional (optional) race days for different traveling series, which you may find of interest. Come and race as many or as few races as you like. However, if you want to qualify for our great season ending awards, you must participate in a minimum of 6 club races and your best 8 races will count towards the season championship.

The race day begins with sign-in and class registration followed by two on-track practice sessions to provide an opportunity to "dial in"; your equipment. Then it's time to lay down your best lap in qualifying. Your qualifying results will determine your spot on the grid for the pre-final race. The pre-final race is a chance to improve upon your position for the coming main event. If you win the pre-final you start on the pole for the main event. The main event is the feature and longest race of the afternoon (or evening). It determines your final results for the day.

During the hotter summer months of June, July, and August we shift racing to Saturday evenings under the lights. Considered by many as the best type of racing, night racing is a fun and unique experience.


You DO NOT have to be A member to race with us. To be A member you do recieve perks at discounted pricing.

How To Get Started:
You may already be convinced that we offer the best racing around and are ready to acquire a racing Kart and join us. If so, feel free to jump further down this section to the listing of local dealers and start your search for your first Kart. However, if you have not yet decided, we offer a great way for you to experience karting. Come visit us during one of our ARRIVE & DRIVE days as listed on the race schedule section of this web site. This day offers a block of time in which you can experience the thrill of taking a kart onto the track for a very modest fee. It is a low cost way for you to sample the excitement of Karting. Then we invite you to stick around for the racing action that follows at the conclusion of the Arrive and Drive program.

Once you are ready to join the club and begin kart racing, it is as simple as picking a class from the existing structure, deciding on either a 2-cycle or 4-cycle engine, and contacting a local dealer, or club representative who can help you answer questions. Many classes are defined by age and thus easily help you identify the place to start.

Age Class Name Class Characteristics
5-9 Kid Kart Unrestricted Low Speed, fun and low cost. Designed for the youngest karter and to teach the fundamentals of racing.


Larger motor and more speed from the Kid Kart class. Engine IS SEALED so all you have to do is work with the driver on racecraft and setups.

12-15 Yamaha Jr Supercan
Briggs LO206 JR
Same motor options as the Jr Sportsman and LO206 Rookie classes but with a larger carberator on the Yamaha and diffrent wieghts-carb restrictor on the LO206.
15+ Yamaha Sr Supercan, Tag Sr
Clone SR, LO206 Sr

Senior class levels with the same Yamaha or LO206 engine.

Yamaha SR pipe and can run togther with the KT100 engine

LO206 class uses the sealed briggs engine.

Tag Is A class that has 125cc water cooled motors from various manufactors racing together. This class is for the more experinced drivers looking for higher speeds.

15+ shifter karts 125cc Not A class we run, A lot of people ask about this class. These are run at regional and profesional events. For club racing they are VERY expensive and too darn fast to just "have fun" in for weekly racers. We do have some show up from time to time and we will run them in the same class as the TAG class. The TAGs at our track are just as fast as A shifter mostly because the shifters really need A longer track (1 mile or bigger) to make use of there extra gears.


Track parts supplier is Mike Curry. 217-741-6601 at Joey Karter. He is available at the track most weekends.

Joey Karter


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Mid-State Kart Club uses rules set by the NKA and WKA for competition and safety. Racing events are supervised by registered EMT's and strict rules govern the competition. Safety gear is mandatory and helps ensure the safety and enjoyment of the sport. Please feel free to contact us for more information regarding the safety of karting in general or how we ensure saftey at Mid-State Kart Club.

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