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Although anyone can participate with the Mid-State Kart Club whether you are a member or not, having a membership gives you many great benefits including reduced entry fees, voting rights at monthly meetings, and a key to the track so you may practice any day that you would like just to name a few things. To become a member, please read the Mid-State Kart Club By-Laws posted below to understand your obligations of being a club member. You may also print the Application form out and either mail it in or give it to a club officer in person. Membership fees are $100 per year with a one time initiation fee of $100. If you were to run every club event with no practice days, a membership will save you $75 the first season and $175 each season after. The more you run, the more you save! The membership year at Mid-State Kart Club is from January through December.

2016 Mid-State Kart Club Membership Application

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