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Mid-State Kart Club is located only a few miles east of Springfield, IL on Mechanicsburg Road. From I-72, get off the interstate at the first exit east of Springfield (Camp Butler - Exit #104) and turn towards the South. The track will be to your right side about 6 miles from getting off the interstate. The GPS address of the track is:

160 Kender Lane
Dawson, IL 62520

Please note that this is Not a shipping address and to be used for GPS directions only.

Race Day Schedule

Day Gates Open Practice Begins Racing Begins
1:00 PM
3:00 PM
9:00 AM
11:00 PM
APPROX. 12:30 AM

On Saturday race days, Mid-State Kart Club is typically open for practice up to one hour before the gates open. At this time, the track will be shut down in preparations for the evenings event. Practice during this time costs the standard practice fee listed below in addition to pit passes and entry fees for that evening.

On Sunday race days, the track will be closed until official track activities begin for that days event. There are to be no karts on the track before the official practice sessions begin.

Please on Weekends, No motors to be started before 9:30AM out of respect for the neighbors

Race Entry Fees

Member: $30
Non-Member: $50

Pit Passes

All are $10

Transponder Rental

$15 per day.

Mid-State Kart Club uses the MyLaps Scoring Transponder (formerly known as AMB). All race competitors are required to run a transponder and it is their responsibility to make sure it is changed/functioning. If you do not have a transponder of your own, there are transponders available for rental during registration. Please bring your car keys with you in exchange for the transponder rental for the day as this helps us ensure we receive all transponders back at the end of the day.

Open Practice Days

Member: $15
Non-Member: $40

Mid-State is open year round for open practice with the exception of any events on the schedule. Track hours are from 10AM until dark. If you are a non-member and wish to practice at Mid-State, you will have to coordinate with an officer or member for access to the grounds as it is kept locked when there is nobody onsite.

Suggested Gearing

Gearing for the Road Course
Yamaha Jr Sportsman
11/71 (#219)
Yamaha Jr Supercan
11/79 (#219)
Yamaha Sr Supercan
11/82 (#219)
11/75 (#219)
Clone Rookie
Clone Senior Lite
16/54 (#35)
Briggs LO206
18/55 (#35)
Clone Senior Heavy
16/56 (#35)
Gearing for the Oval
Briggs Sr.
17/68 (#35) or 20/80 (#219)
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